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To always obtain the collaboration of the team, to do their tasks and to reach the goals in their area of work in an effective manner, without errors, whether the supervisor is present.

To achieve this, the supervisor objective should be to become an effective supervisor.

  • Become respectful and assertive leaders

  • Motivate the team to obtain the collaboration

  • Inspire and lead by example

  • Teach & develop an effective team

  • Listen to and empower the team

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Ways of promoting and gaining collaboration

  • Maintain a positive attitude

  • Lead by example

  • Be a good person

  • Be humble

  • Be firm with respect

  • Teach & develop others

  • Listen with empathy

  • Be confident

  • Help them

  • Recognize your own mistakes

  • Make others feel good

  • Ask for their help

  • Be patient

  • Be gentle & kind

Our training programs are designed based on the following model

objective of supervision

An effective and well design training program will help participants learn how to communicate more effectively and how to utilize management skills based on respect, sensitivity, and motivation rather than intimidation and misuse of authority.

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