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Here are some ideas of how some companies are reinventing their businesses, and how they are helping others with the resources they have.

I know that many of you have come up with very creative ways to help yourself and others.

And if we can help others with these suggestions, we can all come out stronger from this situation we are living.

Newark-based Unionwear, a manufacturer of union-made in USA hats, bags and binders for the promotional, fashion and uniform markets, is producing 8,000 to 10,000 face shields per day to assist during the COVID-10 pandemic and protect health care workers.

Unionwear,  President Mitch Cahn

A&R Tarpaulins Inc. Industries is currently waiting on FDA approval to launch PITU (Patient Isolation Transportation Unit). It makes working with highly contagious diseases a safer process by providing a secure barrier between the patient and the medical staff and other patients. PITU will immediately control the spread and can potentially save lives of others that may be in danger of contracting this disease

A&R Tarpaulins Inc.

Eduardo Figueroa is joining effort with SCORE OC chapter to help Hispanic small business owners and entrepreneurs. They are presenting a series of free webinars in Spanish to help owners and people wanted to start a business. Some of the topics include management, leadership, customer services, how to start and promote a business, and personal development.

Eduardo Figueroa, President

Constantly disinfecting desks, keyboards, door handles, dining tables, microwave and ovens. We keep the doors open for people to avoid touching the handles. Marked the working and dining areas to promote physical distance. Check the temperature daily to all employees when they enter. 60% of the staff working from home, and we rotate every two weeks. Implemented a system of massive text to keep everyone informed. Offer coffee and water to all employees to avoid going out in their breaks.

Guillermo Chirino, HR Manager

Taking the time to analyze and improve operation processes. Including employees of different levels to brainstorm on how to make more efficient and safer the production process. Reviewing operation manuals, employees’ handbooks and training programs.

Implemented a series of free YouTube webinars in Spanish to teach participants how to create their own website to promote their skills online (cooking, copy writing, graphic design, training, etc.) and products, to generate income. Helping participants to start their own small business.  

Luis R. Silva, President

Creative promotional sales, including educational and entertainment ideas. This company is promoting a box with 10 different beers from 10 different local breweries, delivered at your home, and as part of the promotion, clients will have special link to access on a specific date and time to a live webinar with a guided tasting of each beer from their distinct brew master, and they will integrate a virtual live musical band as entertainment, for that special day.

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