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in Spanish with subtitles in English

effective supervisor - online leadership training in spanish
After the pandemic, employees shifted how they see their job engagement, their opportunities, and their options.
In most industries, it takes time and resources to develop skilled and experienced employees, those who learned the technical competencies, dynamic, procedures and culture of the company.
These are some of the reasons why it is important to rethink your business model, policies, and retention strategies. Do this before it is too late and lose your best employees, especially those who you’ve invested a lot of time and resources to develop.
What makes this situation even more critical is that there are not as many skilled people looking for jobs, or if they are, they are asking for a huge salary and a lot of benefits.
One of the solutions is to train you Spanish-speaking supervisors and managers.


effective supervisor - online leadership training in spanish


Effective supervisor online training will help your Hispanic employees, in a leadership position, learn to:

  1.   Maximize productivity
  2.   Be more responsible
  3.   Maintain a positive attitude
  4.   Communicate efficiently
  5.   Embrace and lead change efficiently
  6.   Treat everyone with respect
  7.   Have a productive mindset
  8.   Work as a team player
  9.   Manage assertively
  10.   Lead by example

Supervisory and Leadership Competencies



Training in Spanish Ensures Better Understanding and Better Performance!

Effective Supervisor Online Training in Spanish with subtitles in English will help you to develop more responsible, efficient, respectful, and profitable Hispanic leaders, who will learn to lead their team to reach the goals in an effective manner, without errors, whether the supervisor is present or not.

Effective Supervisor (Supervisor Eficaz) is affordable, practical, and flexible and has shown to have a positive impact on the bottom line of our clients, with a great Return on Investment.

Online training for supervisors in Spanish and now with subtitles in English ensures a better understanding and better performance!


To teach Spanish speaking supervisors and managers to lead teams more efficiently, to help their companies maximize resources to increase profits by reducing product waste, errors, turnover, and potential lawsuits.

Also, to free up time of owners, managers and HR personnel dealing with problems cause by NOT well-trained supervisors, to pursue more profitable projects.

Companies who want to develop competencies in their Hispanic leaders, uses Effective Supervisor Online Training in Spanish with subtitles in English.

Some industries using our program successfully are:

  • Manufacturers
  • Retail stores
  • Restaurants
  • Construction services
  • Landscape companies
  • Agrobusiness
  • Hotels


Effective Supervisor Online Training bilingual program was designed to learn together in small groups with short videos, and activities and exercises for the group.

Basic program

  • Six modules 
  • 28 video sessions in Spanish with subtitles in English
  • 28 audio files only in Spanish
  • Exercises, assessment tools, handouts, test – bilingual – PDF
  • Guide for managers and moderators – PDF
  • Certificates of Accomplishment


Plus version – Advance 

  • A seven module about process improvement – Extra cost
  • 7 video sessions in Spanish with subtitles in English
  • Exercises, handouts, test – bilingual – PDF


Best and complete training for supervisory leadership 

(in Spanish with subtitles in English)

FULL First Video Lesson and Exercises



manufacturing, farmers, constructions, landscaping, restaurants, hotels
Effective Supervisor Client mobile
Effective Supervisor Online Training



Trainer and author of the unique and more comprehensive Effective Supervisor Online Training program in Spanish and now with subtitles in English, with more than 20 years’ experience teaching and developing Latino leaders in many facets of the manufacturing and service industry in USA and Mexico.

Eduardo Figueroa holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the Instituto Panamericano de Alta Dirección de Empresas and a Chemical Industrial Engineering Degree from the National Polytechnic Institute, both in Mexico City.


Supervisory and Leadership Competencies

Integrated, Comprehensive and Effective Training Tool in SPANISH


Effective Supervisor Change


1. Embracing change
2. Effective change
3. From buddy to boss
4. Do’s of a supervisor

Effective Supervisor Mindset


  1. Mindset to succeed
  2. Gaining confidence
  3. Positive attitude
  4. Attitude assessment 
  5. Respect
Effective Supervisor Responsability


  1. Being accountable
  2. Fulfilling clients’ needs
  3. Becoming indispensable
Effective Supervisor Comunication


  1. Tools of communication 
  2. Micro-expressions  
  3. Tone of voice
  4. Active listening
  5. Blocks in communication 
Effective Supervisor Teamwork


  1. Team player 
  2. Effective teamwork
  3. Creating synergy 
  4. Functional team


Effective Supervisor Managment


  1. Functions of a supervisor
  2. Characteristics of a supervisor
  3. Management styles
  4. One-minute supervisor
  5. Obtaining collaboration
  6. Leadership

This is only for the PLUS versions.
Contact us to learn how to get it.

Effective Supervisor Teamwork


  1. Process Improvement
  2. SWOT Analysis of the Company
  3. Preparing to Solve A Problem
  4. Costly Situations
  5. Cost – Benefit Analysis
  6. Brainstorming Solution
  7. Cost Analysis of Solutions

Tips for people in a leadership position

(in Spanish with subtitles in English)

effective supervisor online training in spanish

Online Training for Supervisors

in Spanish with subtitles in English

This is a sample of the first FULL video-lesson


FULL First Video Lesson and Exercises

HUGE RESULTS – small investment

supervisor eficaz online program in Spanish

RESULTS vs. investment - Effective Supervisor -

The value of EffectiveSupervisor.com online course depends on the results that you observe and especially those you measure in your company. 

Companies that have taken the time to measure the annual economic impact, have observed an extraordinary value of our online training program for Hispanic supervisors, which when compared against the investment they made, has in some cases a Return on Investment of more than 1,000%

Here is the example of a textile company in New Jersey.


$ 80,000 per year increased productivity, estimated two months after completing the training of their team of supervisors using EffectiveSupervisor.com, our online program.


$ 4,000 Invested on Effective Supervisor our online training program – PRO Level

Return on Investment = 1,900%

(for every dollar invested in our program they generated $ 19 dollars)
Just in one month, they did recover more than the investment in our program

Additional economic benefits that have not been quantified:

  • Reduction in staff turnover – by having a team of better prepared and more respectful leaders –
  • Better teamwork among supervisors – generating less interpersonal conflicts –
  • Time to devote to developing more profitable projects – this happens by not having to deal with and using the time to settle conflicts between supervisors and employees –
  • Better organizational environment – all employees now work more comfortably and without intimidation –


If you want to see similar results, contact us to learn more about our online supervisory training program in Spanish with subtitles in English.

Email: eduardo@betteremployees.net

Phone:  (714) 516-1111


effective supervisor - online leadership training in spanish

30 days – total satisfaction

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