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Ing. Eduardo Figueroa, MBA


President & Author
Hispanic Business Consultants
Authentic trainer for Hispanics employees with more than 25 years experience
Recipient of multiple awards for helping the Latino community


Eduardo Figueroa is a highly accomplished leadership development expert with a genuine passion for empowering individuals to enhance their leadership capabilities and achieve personal growth.

Through his extensive experience in conducting both in-person seminars and online programs, Eduardo has honed his ability to address a wide range of essential topics that profoundly impact leadership effectiveness.

One of the central themes Eduardo delves into is the concept of change. He guides participants on how to embrace change as an opportunity for growth and transformation rather than a source of fear and resistance.

By encouraging individuals to develop a positive attitude towards change, Eduardo equips them with the mindset needed to navigate uncertainties and challenges effectively.

Another critical aspect of his teachings is the cultivation of self-esteem and the development of a confident leadership presence. Eduardo believes that authentic leadership begins with a strong sense of self-worth and self-awareness.

He empowers his audience to recognize their unique strengths and talents, fostering self-belief and the ability to lead with authenticity.

Eduardo also emphasizes the significance of teamwork and effective communication in achieving collective goals.

He imparts practical strategies for building cohesive teams, fostering open dialogue, and resolving conflicts constructively. By instilling a sense of trust and collaboration within teams, he enables leaders to harness the power of diverse perspectives and achieve remarkable results together.

In his approach to leadership, Eduardo underscores the importance of understanding and addressing the needs of individuals.

He advocates for a servant leadership style, where leaders prioritize the well-being of their team members and strive to meet their needs.

This people-centric approach not only fosters a positive and supportive work environment but also enhances overall team productivity and job satisfaction.

Furthermore, Eduardo draws from his engineering background to develop structured processes and models that aid in the comprehension and application of leadership concepts.

His ability to break down complex ideas into accessible frameworks enables participants to grasp and implement leadership principles more effectively.

As an author, Eduardo has written a compelling book titled “¿Quién se llevó mi cliente?” (Who Stole My Client?), which provides a comprehensive model for creating and maintaining long-lasting customer relationships.

Through this work, he demonstrates how exceptional customer service is intrinsically tied to sustainable business growth and success.

Having attained a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the prestigious Instituto Panamericano de Alta Dirección de Empresas, Eduardo possesses a strong academic foundation that enriches his teachings.

His commitment to excellence is evident in the 24 leadership and management topics he has developed, specifically tailored for directors and supervisors, aimed at equipping them with the skills and insights needed to excel in their roles.

Beyond traditional leadership topics, Eduardo also addresses sensitive issues such as sexual harassment prevention and behavioral abuse awareness. By educating his audience on these crucial matters, he fosters a safe and respectful work environment, supporting the personal and professional development of individuals at all levels.

Eduardo’s innovative approach to online programs showcases his dedication to making learning interactive and engaging. By incorporating technology, he leverages the power of artificial intelligence and other resources to optimize the learning experience, ensuring that his content is accessible to a diverse global audience.

Through his videos, which are primarily in Spanish with English subtitles, Eduardo creates an inclusive atmosphere that welcomes participants from various linguistic backgrounds. The short, 25-minute video format may seem concise, but Eduardo strategically incorporates interactive elements such as questions, exercises, self-assessments, and examinations.

This approach encourages participants to actively engage with the material, collaborate with their peers, and share knowledge, transforming what may seem like a short video into a transformative and comprehensive learning session.

Overall, Eduardo Figueroa’s dedication to empowering individuals with leadership skills, fostering collaboration, and promoting personal growth through interactive and inclusive learning experiences makes him an exceptional and impactful leader in the field of leadership development.

His vision of cultivating capable and compassionate leaders who can positively impact their teams, organizations, and communities resonates with participants, propelling them towards their full potential as effective and influential leaders.​


Eduardo Figueroa holds a master’s degree in Business Administration from the Instituto Panamericano de Alta Dirección de Empresas and a Chemical Industrial Engineering Degree from the National Polytechnic Institute, both in Mexico City.

He is constantly taking leadership, personal development and customer service courses.

Eduardo Figueroa is a dynamic public speaker and the author of various leadership and business articles published in Entrepreneur and ARITHAC magazines in Mexico, and La Opinion newspaper in California and the website of Wells Fargo Bank.

He has also done several business segments on television for UNIVISION, TELEMUNDO and hosted sixteen 30 minutes TV show in Spanish in two digital TV channels.



  • He received the “Volunteer Award” in 2020 from the Orange County SCORE Chapter
  • In October 2005, the National Society of Hispanics MBAs awarded Eduardo the “Brillante Award” as the National Entrepreneur of the year for his involvement in developing a better Latino Community.
  • Eduardo was listed as one of the 50 Hispanic men more influential in Orange County.
  • The Orange County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce gave him a special “Education Award” in 2001, recognizing his work educating the Latino community.
  • Some honors include the following: “Ethics in America Award” by the Passkeys Foundation and Chapman University in June of 1999.


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