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Attitudes and actions with other people

During our lifetime we must deal with relatives and live with hundreds of people.

These can be our family, friends, school or sports companions, suppliers, clients, supervisors, employees, co-workers, etc.

Depending on how we handle relationships with these different people, we are going to get some people who want to continue in a relationship with us and others who want to stay away from us.

And this depends on what attitudes and actions we have towards those people.

Effective supervisors must be able to harmonize the demands of management, external and internal customers.

How well we manage those attitudes and actions are essential qualities of a good supervisor.

I will explain more about external and internal customers and how to meet their needs successfully.


Who are internal and external clients?

Just to be clear here, I will define who are the internal and external clients, for this article.

The internal customers are those with whom we do not have a commercial relationship, such as our family, friends, employees, bosses, etc. although technically with these last two, there is an economic transaction.

And external clients are those who acquire a product or service from us.


What attitudes and actions should I have on these “clients” – people?

To explain this, I’m going to use an example that everyone can relate.


Meeting the needs of my children

In the case of my children, if I do not meet their needs, perhaps because:

  • I do not respect them
  • I do not have time for them
  • I do not support them
  • I am always criticizing them
  • I do not show them, my love

These actions will make them move away from me and seek another relationship in which they feel their needs are met.

Maybe they go with some other relative, take refuge in the street, join a gang, or seek escape through drugs.

On the other hand, if I meet my children’ needs, like:

  • I show my love
  • I support them
  • I have time for them
  • I listen to them
  • I motivate them
  • I provide the material things they need


They will not feel the need to get away from me, but on the contrary, they will always want to maintain a loving relationship with me.


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A similar situation with everyone else.

And this happens in any other type of relationship, be it with the partner or spouse, with the employees, with a supervisor, with a client, etc.

So, it’s important to recognize the needs of all our internal and external clients to try to fulfil them and maintain a long-term healthy relationship.

As an effective supervisor, you should acknowledge the needs of your co-workers



From effective supervisor to a leader

For any person, especially in a leadership position is vital to harmonize with everybody to gain the support to be able to achieve the goals of his/her department.

When the supervisor learns and develops this skill, become a real leader, one who will be followed, admired and respected by others, whether they are “internal or external customers”.

Therefore, the effective supervisor should learn to identify the needs of his/her internal and external clients and write them down.

And as I mentioned, this is one of the most important qualities of an effective supervisor should be developed.

To find out what are the needs of the “clients” internal and external, we must also investigate, analyze and write down the motivations, fears, likes and challenges of each of these groups.

Next, we should analyze honestly, to what degree we had met these needs.

fulfil needs as effective supervisor
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Action plan to improve the relationship & collaboration with others.

The above analysis will help us, and especially as a supervisor, create an action plan to improve the relationship with each of these people.

Also, when we improve the relationship with all our “internal clients”, we have a better chance to obtain their voluntary collaboration and help to achieve the goals of our department.


Pain or happiness

Our attitudes and actions toward others could cause they feel pain, annoyance, anger, or, on the other hand, happiness, well-being and joy.

If that person feels pain, he or she will go away from us. If we make them feel happy, respected, included, they will stay with us.


It is sad, but it is true.

Our spouse will move away from us to find another better relationship with somebody that will make him/her feel happy.

Our customers could go to our competitor for a business relationship that takes care of their needs and business.


The main objective of an effective supervisor

The supervisor’s main objective is to always achieve the collaboration of their employees in the most efficient way, to reach the goals of the department.

This collaboration will depend on the fulfilment of the needs of their employees, and how much pain or happiness is caused by the supervisor or the leader.

In conclusion, the goal of an effective supervisor is to define the needs of his/her internal and external clients, to improve the relationship and gain the support and long-term respectful relationship

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