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Just promoted to a supervisory position

It is quite exciting and scary to be promoted to a supervisor, especially if this is the first time.

If a person is new to a leadership position, they might be lost in knowing what to do or not to do, and how to lead the team successfully.

Here are 14 Do’s that will help new supervisors prepare to be effective leaders.

All the Do’s and Don’ts should be followed to enhance the qualities of an effective supervisor.

I discussed in another article The 13 Don’ts a supervisor should know to become an Effective Supervisor.

An effective supervisor should do the following
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Here are 14 Do’s that we should be mindful of

1) Do learn and establish the levels of work performance
discuss these with each member of the team


2) Do document all absenteeism, tardiness, and incidents on the job.
• of anyone, all the time


3) Do treat all employees equally and fairly
• be consistent all the time.


4) Do base the decisions on work PERFORMANCE.


5) Do be firm and direct when giving instructions.
• be sure your instructions are clear and understood
• speak with authority and respect


6) Do be prepared to deal with the employee’s resistance and denial
• find out what is the reason for this behavior
• document these situations
• apply disciplinary actions, following the policies of the organization
• be consistency in all situations


7) Do get a commitment from the employees as to what steps they will take.
• it helps to involve the employee for a solution to a problem or project
• make them responsible for their tasks


8) Have a performance management system.
• discuss with each employee regularly how they are performing
• design an action plan to improve
• praise any improvement


9) Be aware of your employees when they do something right and congratulate them
• do it at the moment you see it happen
• be specific and share how you felt
• do it within one minute


10) Do be aware of the behavior of sexual harassment, abusive conduct and any anti-discrimination laws.
• these are always illegal actions and against policies of the organization
• give them proper training on sexual harassment and discriminatory laws


11) Do ask for help when something is unclear
• when you’re not sure or don’t know about something, do not be reluctant to ask for help.
• this will help the job get done properly.


12) Do take every opportunity to learn and improve leadership, technical and personal skills.


13) Do motivate, inspired and be grateful to each member of the team
• excellent leaders bring out the best in every team member


14) Do lead by example
• One of the good qualities of an effective supervisor is to walk the talk
• model the company culture


The list of Do’s will surely get employees to perform better at work.

Applying these Do’s can turn the leaders into someone that the team members will admire and respect.

These are some behaviors and actions that are parts of the characteristics of an effective supervisor.

If you have some other great tips, feel free to add those actions and behaviors to this list.

Share this list with all the employees in a leadership position, especially those who are first-time supervisors.


But remember the last point, to lead by example.

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