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Is it the necessary thing to do or is it just for compliance with federal laws and regulations?

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training is a good investment, heres why:

Did you know that cases of sexual harassment have doubled in the last decade?

Surprisingly, the average cost of a Sexual Harassment suit is $150,000 per plaintiff! No one, of course, would expect to pay this huge amount of cost for the violation. If your employees get educated more on this topic, they may understand more clearly what it is about and what they can do to stop it from happening.

Why your employees should learn about the negative effects of sexual harassment?

You may already know, sexual harassment is definitely illegal in any sense because it is the form of discrimination.

It significantly impedes the high productivity of the business.

And of course, it damages the company’s reputation once it gets exposed.

Sadly, according to a poll provided by the Walls Street Journal, 48% of working women said that they have experienced sexual harassment at their workplace.

Most of them also agreed that sexual harassment happened almost everywhere.

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