Aquí está lo que dicen nuestros clientes y estudiantes de mis programas

“Over the last seven years, we have valued your knowledge of the Hispanic culture, the American Business culture, and our own unique Vintage culture to breach diversities other cannot. Mentoring is a skill have mastered, as well as communication and the ability to re-teach what have you internalized.” – Ramona Elkins (HR, Payroll & Benefits Manager)


“Eduardo is organized, efficient, extremely competent, and has established a good rapport with both managers and staff. His communication skills, both written and verbal, are excellent. Eduardo’s ability to connect with his students and his talent at teaching both simple and complex concepts is truly superior. He is highly respected by the people he teaches and conveys important management concepts in both English and Spanish with ease. ” – Julio Colorado (Assistant Operations Manager)


“I would highly recommend Eduardo and his excellent training capabilities; use his wealth of practical experience in the real world and ability to relate to diverse groups to customize a program that meets your organization’s needs. I am sure your organization will to gain from his employee development and training.” – Lee J. Jared (Vice President of Operations)


“l attended most of the classes and was able to reinforce Eduardo’s message with some real-life experiences. This, together with his presentation tools, made the classes much more meaningful for our guys. I have received many positive comments and expressions of gratitude from the foremen who participated in the education. They have commented that the training has helped them in the Workplace as well as in their personal lives.” – Bill Butler (Director of Business Development)


“Good afternoon Dr. Eduardo (Eng), this video-session has served me as a source of support and encouragement in the topic areas that I must develop, being a professor at the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Accounting in my country, Paraguay. Thanks you very much for your teachings … Blessings and success in your professional tasks. “ -Prof. Eulalio Maldonaso Bernal


“Goodnight Eduardo. First of all I want to congratulate you on your video conferences. I don’t carry a management position as of right now but I’m in the process of becoming one. When the time comes I’ll remember your advice. In fact I’m already going to put my new found knowledge into practice during my daily chores. I’ll be waiting for the other videos-sessions to feed my knowledge. Greetings” -Francisco Riveros


“Thank you very much. The videos are fabulous; I truly believe this is what keeps my good attitude. Thank you for supporting new and future leaders.”
Noah Mendoza
Quality Control, RUA, S.A. de CV


“Congratulations, it left me with a great sense of knowledge. It was very motivating, I liked it. Thanks for such great information.”
Felicia Fernanda Andrade


“Excellent, I obtained great knowledge.”
Abraham Morales
Hospital aid assistant

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