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Start saving and gaining peace of mind by developing your Latino supervisors

Develop a More Responsible, Effective and Profitable Team of Hispanic Leaders.

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Created in Spanish for Latinos


28 comprehensive videos


30 days – total satisfaction

Increased Efficiency = More Profit
  • Maximize the potential of the workforce
  • Increase productivity and earnings
  • Develop effective and profitable team leaders & reduce turn-over
A Well-Trained Team Is More Efficient
  • Positive attitude
  • Better communication between managers and employees
  • Competent employees embrace change better
Benefits of Inspired Employees
  • Fewer Mistakes
  • Improved Conflict Resolution
  • Motivated Staff

The program contains six integrated and comprehensive modules to fully develop an Effective Supervisor

New & experienced supervisors will have access to 28 video lessons
of the online leadership training program
in Spanish with subtitles in English


Effective Supervisor Change


1. Embracing change
2. Effective change
3. From buddy to boss
4. Do’s of a supervisor

Effective Supervisor Mindset


  1. Mind set to succeed
  2. Gaining confidence
  3. Positive attitude 
  4. Attitude assessment
  5. Respect
Effective Supervisor Responsability


  1. Being accountable
  2. Fulfilling clients’ needs
  3. Becoming indispensable
Effective Supervisor Comunication


  1. Tools of communication 
  2. Micro-expressions  
  3. Tone of voice
  4. Active listening
  5. Blocks in communication 
Effective Supervisor Teamwork


  1. Team player 
  2. Effective teamwork
  3. Creating synergy 
  4. Functional team


Effective Supervisor Managment


  1. Functions of a supervisor
  2. Characteristics of a supervisor
  3. Management styles
  4. One-minute supervisor
  5. Obtaining collaboration
  6. Leadership

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Effective Supervisor Teamwork


  1. Process Improvement
  2. SWOT Analysis of the Company
  3. Preparing to Solve A Problem
  4. Costly Situations
  5. Cost – Benefit Analysis
  6. Brainstorming Solution
  7. Cost Analysis of Solutions
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Develop more responsible and effective Hispanic supervisors and managers

An effective and responsible supervisory team plays a vital role in leading the employees to improve productivity and increase earnings.

The main objective of a good supervisor is to always obtain the collaboration of the team, to do their tasks and to reach the goals in their area of work in an effective manner, without errors, whether the supervisor is present or not.

Our online leadership training in Spanish for supervisors is affordable, practical, flexible and has shown to have the potential to have a big impact on your bottom line.

Your Hispanic Team Will Get the Job Done Efficiently!

When You Train and Develop Your Hispanic Employees, It Will: 
  • Increased efficiencies in processes, resulting in financial gain
  • Increased job satisfaction and morale among employees
  • Reduced employee turnover
  • Reduced conflicts and potential lawsuits
  • You will gain peace of mind
Can You Afford Not To Train Your Hispanic Employees?

Start Developing Your Hispanic Employees Now!


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