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4 Tips to start 2019 with the right mindset

Are you and your team of Hispanic employees ready?


Here are 4 tips to get ready for new success in 2019 and for your employees to have the good qualities of an effective supervisor, according to Bright HR.


1. Take some time to reflect

Write down a list of seven things went well and seven that you and your team could avoid.

Following include the main three actions, positive or negative that contribute to that result. (the communication, the planning, attitude, information, personal conflicts, process, etc.)


2. Improve the processes

Plan to improve processes and invest in the development of your team.

With the right training for your employees, especially your team leaders, it will help your team anticipate in solving problems, as well as review and enhance systems.


3. Set short-term goals

Establish short-term goals for you and your team.

Once having accomplished these goals, everybody in the team will get more motivated and more excited to work more ambitiously in the new year.


4. Motivate and inspire the team

Set the right mindset in your company.

  • Constantly motivate your team, as an individual and as a team. Make sure that they know you notice their positive contributions.
  • Share the good news, the process improvements, and reached goals.
  • Include them in the decisions of all departments or those that could affect their working area.
  • Share inspirational stories and videos
  • Show them that you care by investing in their technical, personal and leadership development


These tips will improve the good qualities of an effective supervisor. You will find these tips and guides completely explained in Spanish for your Hispanic employees in our online Supervisor Eficaz – SE (Effective Supervisor) training program.

This online training program is:

  • accessible any time
  • easy to use
  • comprehensive
  • effective
  • affordable

Watch First Video Lesson – in Spanish – of the ONLINE Supervisory Training Program Effective Supervisor (SUPERVISOR EFICAZ – SE)


This trial lesson has subtitles in English
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