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Too often we underestimate the power of a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.

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Date: 04/26/13

Bilingual and Bi-cultural employee training for Hispanics


          Have you thought of your clients and their needs as costumers lately? Everything must be designed and arranged with a view toward making a client’s life easier and more pleasant. Each detail of the business—the installations in the store, the systems and procedures, the hours of operation, the parking—must be thought out with the client in mind. Aspects such as lighting, maintenance, access to products or services, signs and signals should be designed to satisfy the customers’ needs.

          One should make sure the floor is clean; that there are sufficient carts to hold the products and that they are always in good condition (it is unpleasant when we get a cart that pulls to one side or has crooked wheels); that there is enough space in the aisles for two carts to pass; and that boxes are not blocking the way. Also, it is important to be ready to help clients carry heavy items, if needed. Any employee that is nearby should make him or herself available for this task or, at the very least, should call someone else to help with it.

         Remember, that client service is measured in direct relation with the client’s satisfaction: how happy he is with the product or service and how often he returns for future purchases. In other words, how loyal he is, how many people he refers to the business and, above all, what impression he takes away of the company. It is essential that this impression be one of professionalism, respect, friendliness, honesty and integrity. All of the above is a part of generating customers for life—“passionate clients.”


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A “passionate client” is a person who is in love with someone or something for which he has tremendous admiration, affection and respect. It might be for a product or service, for a personal relationship with one’s spouse, children, employees or boss, or for a sport or pastime.        

            An example of this is a mother who is passionate about her children. She talks about them constantly—how they’re doing in school, the new activities they’ve taken up, everything they do. She wants to tell everyone about her kids, and she does it with great pleasure, enthusiasm and pride. Sometimes she even tests her friends’ patience as she repeats the same stories time and time again.


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AtBetterEmployees.netwe are committed to help business owners and managers to generate more revenue, contributing to positive change in employees and the organization. We do this by teaching and encouraging their managers, supervisors and employees to give their best, to be more productive, to do things better, and simplify processes for the benefit of all.

We are a professional company with experience that earns the trust and respect of the directors and participants.
Our training programs In Spanish are practical, easy to use and especially effective.
If this is what you are looking for, please review the information that follows, and/or e-mail or call us to answer any questions.
  1. You have supervisors and employees who need training in Spanish.
  2. You want to increase the profits of the company and improve productivity and attitude among staff.
  3. You’re looking for a trainer who has more than 15 years of experience developing leaders, can train in native Spanish, and is bicultural.
  4. You need a trainer to teach your employees to solve problems and save hundreds of thousands of dollars to your company?
  5. Over all are you looking for an effective trainer who has a good record of getting results?

The first bicultural LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT training program

in Spanish in more than 15 recorded video-conferences,

created by a Latino for Latinos.


(More than 17 years of experience developing Hispanic leaders!)

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We will tailor a bilingual and bi-cultural training program for your business needs and budget.


For more information on our bi-cultural and bilingual training programs in English or Spanish, for managers, supervisors, lead people and customer service personnel visit our website or call us to (800) 642-1422



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