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Bilingual and Bi-cultural employee training for Hispanics

The Supervisor as a strategic partner

The main responsibility of a supervisor, manager, director or owner of a company, is to achieve the goals of your department, division or your company. This is achieved through productive and consistent collaboration, of all employees, whether you are present or not. Getting this collaboration going requires you to guide, motivate, and train them and much more.But also, this supervisor should take a more pro-active position in analyzing situations in his/her department or area to avoid unnecessary costs and expenses which make losses occur, and propose solutions or actions to help generate revenue. That is, to become a “strategic partner management.”

These ideas and strategies must be submitted to the executives in economic terms, thinking in relation to the investment program or suggested actions and the benefits they bring to the company and employees.

A real case. A tortilla manufacturing company achieved savings in the waste of raw materials and finished products that were damaged for more than $ 250,000 per year. This was achieved when staff composed of managers, supervisors and workers on the production line, after giving them proper training and guide them in a process of improving situations, proposed low cost changes and investment in their areas production and storage. Many of these suggestions were implemented in a couple of weeks after training.

Overall the staff wants to be heard and have ideas of how to improve processes, whether production, sales and administration, and all that is waiting for the opportunity to voice their suggestions and be recognized for their contribution. But this requires real leadership and sometimes to teach staff how to submit their suggestions to the management, in terms of investment-benefit or Return on Investment.

The vast majority of time, we do not realize that we have diamonds ready to be discovered in our company, so look for them and give them a chance to shine.



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Ideas and Insights

A key motivational tool

When employees were asked:


Personal thanks from the manager: 58% never received any.

Solution: Offer thanks one-on-one, in writing or both.


Promotion for performance: 78% didn’t receive promotions based on performance. Solution: Let high performance, not seniority, be the driving force behind promotions.


Public praise: 81% never received public praise.

Solution: Hold monthly or quarterly meeting to publicly recognize employees.


Morale-building meetings: 92% never participated in morale-building meetings.

Solution: Make time to meet with and listen to employees as often as possible.


–Communication Solutions

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Experience and Knowledge

We have the solution!


At BetterEmployees.net we are committed to help business owners and managers to generate more revenue, contributing to positive change in employees and the organization. We do this by teaching and encouraging their managers, supervisors and employees to give their best, to be more productive, to do things better, and simplify processes for the benefit of all.

We are a professional company with experience that earns the trust and respect of the directors and participants.
Our training programs In Spanish are practical, easy to use and especially effective.
If this is what you are looking for, please review the information that follows, and/or e-mail or call us to answer any questions.
  1. You have supervisors and employees who need training in Spanish.
  2. You want to increase the profits of the company and improve productivity and attitude among staff.
  3. You’re looking for a trainer who has more than 15 years of experience developing leaders, can train in native Spanish, and is bicultural.
  4. You need a trainer to teach your employees to solve problems and save hundreds of thousands of dollars to your company?
  5. Over all are you looking for an effective trainer who has a good record of getting results?

The first bicultural LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT training program

in Spanish in more than 15 recorded video-conferences, 

created by a Latino for Latinos.


(More than 17 years of experience developing Hispanic leaders!)

Visit our website for more details or call us






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We will tailor a bilingual and bi-cultural training program for your business needs and budget.


For more information on our bi-cultural and bilingual training programs in English or Spanish, for managers, supervisors, lead people and customer service personnel visit our website or call us to (800) 642-1422






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