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 Success is getting what you want. Happiness is enjoying what you get.
– Ralph Waldo Emerson
I’ve failed over and over again in my life, that’s why, I have achieved success.
–Michael Jordan

The Top 10 Steps to Set and Achieve Your Goals – Every Time!
by Dr. Philip E. Humbert

It’s been said that we all have goals, whether we know it or not. We have goals as simple as getting coffee or as complex (and expensive) as buying a mansion.

Here are the 10 characteristics of reachable goals:

1. SPECIFICITY. Reachable goals are very specific. If you want to lose 8 pounds to reach a weight of 175, specify those exact numbers. Your brain can help you accomplish almost anything if it knows precisely what you are aiming for.
2. SIMPLICITY. If you want to retire in Hawaii, just say so! If you want to increase your sales by 10% this month, say so! Keep your goals simple, clear, and focused.
3. SIGNIFICANCE. A reachable goal is one you really, really, REALLY want! It’s something that you believe and want to achieve with every cell of your body.
4. STRATEGIC DESIGN. Design your goals to impact as many areas of your life as possible. You’ll have more reasons to reach your goal and more excitement when you do!
5. MEASURABILITY. Reachable goals can be measured; a goal without a measurable outcome is just a pipe-dream. I once heard that “What gets measured gets done.” Measure your progress until you achieve your desired outcome.
6. RATIONALITY. Your goals must make sense! Your goals should be just out of reach, but not out of sight. Set goals you CAN and WILL achieve.
7. TANGIBILITY. Set concrete goals that you will enjoy and can clearly visualize. Define your goals in terms that excite the senses, and then go for them with all your heart!
8. Reachable goals are WRITTEN. The act of writing your goals down vastly increases your chance of success. Write it down! Then, keep your notes where you can see and read them every day. If possible, record your own voice in your smartphone and listen to your goals as well.
9. Reachable goals are SHARED. We are far more likely to stick to our plans and reach our goals if we know our friends and family support us. Caution: Never share your goals with anyone who may ridicule, tease or discourage you. Find a support team, a group of cheerleaders, and a coach who will encourage you every step of the way. High achievers count on and work with other winners!
10. Reachable goals are CONSISTENT WITH YOUR VALUES. When your values and your goals agree, there is no stopping you!

Original written by Dr. Philip E. Humbert, writer, speaker and success coach. Dr. Humbert has over 300 free articles, tools and resources for your success, including a great newsletter! It’s all on his website at: ttp://www.philiphumbert.com

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