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The Best Personal & Leadership Development Online Course in Spanish


Liderazgo Para El Éxito

Leadership for Success

Develop Your Hispanic Employees Into Profitable Leaders 

STOP feeling stressed out and frustrated

  • Train your supervisors to deal with conflicts and problems


  • Your Hispanic employees will increase profits
  • Improve positive attitude of your Hispanic employees


  • Focus in your own projects

Your company will experience

  • Higher productivity


  • Less accidents
  • Improve retention


  • Reduce waste


With LEADERSHIP FOR SUCCESS program, you can create an efficient and effective environment that will be more productive and profitable.

Amazing Benefits of Leadership For Success Training Program For Spanish Speaking Employees

Watch this short video to learn about the benefits for your company of this course  (1:20 minutes)

Leadership for Success helps individuals recognize their strengths and identify their areas of improvement, in order to develop to their full potential!


confidence is key when leading a team


earning the respect, recognition and admiration of others


inspiring others to follow


motivating the participation of others – all the time

From Hard Worker to an Effective Leader
“The Story of Juan”

Watch this short video (1:49 minutes)

How Did Our Client Improve Productivity with our Spanish Leadership Training Program?

A CEO of a company in San Diego, CA. was dealing with complaints from his employees about his Hispanic supervisors.

Also, the supervisors were not disciplining their subordinates and were not communicating with their staff correctly, leaving major problems for upper-management to deal with, which deteriorated the efficiency of the company.

The CEO realized that he had not given the supervisors proper leadership training.

He searched for a solution and learned about “Liderazgo para el éxito” (Leadership for success), a complete and practical online program in Spanish.

He had some doubts about an online program to train his staff, but to his surprise, all the leads and supervisors not only watched the entire course, they did the exercises, applied the learning at work and it started to have positive results in his company.

Now they work together to solve problems to create a more positive and productive environment with better communication and fewer conflicts.

The CEO realized that he made the right decision in investing in 18 individual memberships for his staff, and now he can focus on growing his business and also leaves early to do what is important for him and his family.

The attitude of the leader determines the attitude of the team.

Features of Online Leadership Training Program For Hispanics

Advantages include:


  • The content is delivered in small, powerful bits of information online
  • Accessible at any time from anywhere
  • Unlimited viewing access
  • Audio files to download
  • Exercises and self-evaluations – bilingual – PDF
  • Live videoconferences
  • Continuous Updates

Comes with 56 video lessons in Spanish

Watch this video to take a tour of the course
Instructor: Eduardo Figueroa, MBA

Other Features include

Individual subscription

Accessibility from any internet capable device


Motivational stories, personal development articles and links to other leadership development videos IN SPANISH

Hear What Our Clients Said About Our Development Training Program for Hispanic Employees

we are trusted by these companies - online supervisory training program
clients supervisor eficaz -
Ramona Elkins HR, Payroll & Benefits Manager

“Over the last seven years, we have valued your knowledge of the Hispanic culture, the American Business culture, and our own unique Vintage culture to bridge diversities other cannot. Mentoring is a skill you have mastered, as well as communication and the ability to re-teach what have you internalized.”

Bill Butler, Director of Business Development

“l attended most of the classes and was able to reinforce Eduardo’s message with some real-life experiences. This, together with his presentation tools, made the classes much more meaningful for our guys. I have received many positive comments and expressions of gratitude from the foremen who participated in the education. They have commented that the training has helped them in the Workplace as well as in their personal lives.”

Julio Colorado, Assistant Operations Manager

“Eduardo is organized, efficient, extremely competent, and has established a good rapport with both managers and staff. His communication skills, both written and verbal, are excellent. Eduardo’s ability to connect with his students and his talent at teaching both simple and complex concepts is truly superior. He is highly respected by the people he teaches and conveys important management concepts in both English and Spanish with ease.”

Prof. Eulalio Maldonaso Bernal

“Good afternoon Dr. Eduardo (Eng), this video-session has served me as a source of support and encouragement in the topic areas that I must develop, being a professor at the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Accounting in my country, Paraguay. Thanks you very much for your teachings … Blessings and success in your professional tasks. “ –

Lee J. Jared, Vice President of Operations

“I would highly recommend Eduardo and his excellent training capabilities; use his wealth of practical experience in the real world and ability to relate to diverse groups to customize a program that meets your organization’s needs. I am sure your organization will to gain from his employee development and training.”

Francisco Riveros

Buenas noches Eduardo. En primer lugar quiero felicitarte por tus videoconferencias. No llevo un puesto de administración ahora mismo, pero estoy en el proceso de enrolarme en uno. Cuando llegue el momento recordaré tu consejo. De hecho voy a poner en práctica mi nuevo conocimiento durante mis tareas diarias. Estaré esperando el resto de las sesiones de video para fomentar mi conocimiento. Saludos.


  Group Employee Discounts Available


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6 – 11

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1 – 5

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$197 per membership

leadership for success online training Spanish 

Leadership for Success Online training Spanish Course Develop Leaders

Leadership for Success Online training Spanish Course Develop Leaders


What should I expect after acquiring a membership?

  • You will immediately receive a confirmation email with your purchase.
  • You will need to send us (by email) your participant list, with the name and email of each member.
  • We will register them in our system and generate their individual usernames and passwords.
  • They will have immediate access to all lessons, materials, and bonuses.

Please send the required information as soon as possible to Eduardo@betteremployees.net with your phone number and contact information. If you have further questions, please contact me by email or phone: (714) 516-1111 USA


Eduardo Figueroa, MBA
Author & trainer

Total satisfaction or your money back – 30 Dayseffective supervisor - online leadership training in spanish

Eduardo Figueroa, MBA
Leadership Development Trainer & Author
Over 20 years experience



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