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Date: 02/22/12

Bilingual and Bi-cultural employee training for Hispanics

Capacitación bilingüe y bi-cultural para Hispanos


To obtain the collaboration (always) of everybody to do the activities and reach the goals in their department or area of work (their small business) in a effective way.


The Cost For Lack of Communication

When employees do not know what is happening in their organization, they fill in the blanks….In an age of the high technology why would any company not jump at the change to keep employees in ‘know’. Knowledge is power! It helps to reduce the rumor mill and more importantly, it helps employees understand what the company is doing and where the company is going. Understanding what is happening in the company helps employees feel more confident, less apprehensive and more empowered. Isn’t cost of communicating less expensive than not communicating?


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Sometimes I think I understand everything, and then I regain consciousness.

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Putting Your Ducks In Order

Why spend time anticipating the future rather than planning the future? Planning is key ingredient to personal and professional success. Rather hoping or anticipating what will happen, does it make more sense to have a well made plan? A plan starts with identifying a particular need or interest. Strategies are identified to make the plan feasible. Steps are then put into place and then executed. Don’t forget to evaluate if the plan was successful. If the fell short of expectation, revisit the plan, make some changes and execute it again.

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