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Effective Supervisor Online Training in Spanish

effective supervisor - online leadership training in spanish

The True Objective of an Effective Supervisor

The main objective of any person in a supervisory and leadership position is to always obtain the collaboration of the members of the team, to do their tasks and to reach the goals in their work area in an effective manner, without errors, whether the supervisor/leader is present or not.

To achieve this, this person’s responsibility is to become an effective supervisor.

Someone who:

  • Becomes an assertive leader
  • Praises, motivates, and inspires others
  • Maintains a positive attitude
  • Lead by example
  • Teaches & develop an effective team
  • Listen to and communicates effectively
  • Empowers the team members
  • Solves problems

And all of these are essential to obtain the effective collaboration of everyone to achieve the goals and improve processes.

The effective supervisor understands that need to learn how to change the attitude and actions, and to develop themselves and their team.

Training for supervisors in Spanish (now bilingual)

Effective Supervisor is a bilingual online training program, that it is an integrated, and comprehensive course to teach participants how to become effective and profitable leaders.

This program was designed with short video-lessons and exercises to learn in small groups. Each video-lesson, when the group follows the instructions and do the exercises together, could take an hour on average.

Effective Supervisor is practical, flexible, and user-friendly. The video lessons are in Spanish with subtitles in English, and all the handouts, exercises and tests are bilingual.

“Training for Supervisors in Spanish Ensures Better Understanding and Better Performance!”


Most of our clients have had extraordinary results, with amazing Return on Investment.

Those companies that have measured the economic impact that participants have had in their departments and in the whole company are seeing an increase in productivity, increase in the retention of good workers, less product waste, fewer errors, and other great benefits.

All this resulting in an increase in the company’s earnings.


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Effective Supervisor Online Training



Trainer and author of the unique and more comprehensive Effective Supervisor Online Training program in Spanish with subtitles in English, with more than 20 years’ experience teaching and developing Latino leaders in many facets of the manufacturing and service industry in USA and Mexico.

Eduardo Figueroa holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the Instituto Panamericano de Alta Dirección de Empresas and a Chemical Industrial Engineering Degree from the National Polytechnic Institute, both in Mexico City.


effective supervisor online training in spanish

Online Training for Supervisors

in Spanish with subtitles in English

Effective Supervisor Online Training
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