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Communication and Leadership Skills Development for Managers and Supervisors in English or Spanish

LeadershipWhat does it mean to be a leader?
To have followers that believes in you.

Is the leader born or made?
Both: 30% born 70% made

What does a leader do?
Guides, directs, encourages and influences.

Leadership does not come with the position; It is earned.

A true leader:

  • Has a vision
  • Is passionate
  • Sets an example
  • Knows how to communicate
  • Motivates the group and inspires trust
  • Creates groups and alliances
  • Respects and makes others respect him


  • A leader inspires
  • A leader respects everybody
  • A leader inspires confidence
  • A leader knows what he knows
  • A leader does not hide what he does not know
  • A leader adds value to everything he is in contact with
  • A leader makes others feel better after they are with him
  • A leader motivates others in order to bring out the best in each person
  • A leader points the way after analyzing all the information
  • A leader finds opportunities in problems and crises
  • A leader keeps his mind open to new ideas
  • A leader stays calm in difficult situations
  • A leader thinks for the long term
  • A leader keeps his promises

(In English or Spanish)

3-hour each session

We will help you to tailor the training program to better develop the leaders of your organization.


  • Following instructions
  • Learning to understand
  • Gaining self-esteem

Fulfilling needs

  • Understanding a business
  • Fulfilling needs & solving problems
  • From pain to happiness

Effective communication

  • Techniques of communication
  • Improving communication: body-language, tone of voice and wording
  • Obstacles to good communication

The supervisor

  • The effective supervisor
  • The role & characteristics of an effective supervisor
  • How to become a leader & characteristics of a good leader


  • Teamwork
  • How to avoid the obstacles that destroy teamwork

Customers for life

  • How to gain a customer for life
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Facts about the customer

Positive attitude

  • Positive attitude
  • Humble vs. arrogant
  • Influence of the environment

Goal reaching

  • Goal development
  • How to establish & reach your goals
  • Action plan and commitment
  • Creating urgency to take action

Conflict resolution

  • Conflict resolution
  • How to handle a conflict

Managing stress

  • What is stress
  • How to manage stress
  • How to manage aggression

How to discipline

  • What is discipline
  • Causes of lack of discipline
  • Disciplinary actions

Time management

  • Management of the use of time
  • Organization tips
  • The agenda

How to delegate

  • Delegation & follow-up
  • How to delegate

The Change

  • Change
  • Why we resist change
  • Making change permanent


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